You Can Now Boycott Trump with DoneGood—Here’s Why

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Boycotting Trump is a start. Buying instead from companies that do good for people and the planet has an even greater impact.

The DoneGood Chrome extension now makes it easy to boycott Trump businesses and stores that sell Trump products. Install the extension (get it here) and you’ll see a Trump Alert whenever you visit the website of a Trump-related company.

Even better: the extension also shows you brands that have the same kind of products the Trump-supporting company has but that are doing amazing things to create a better world—businesses that pay a living wage, preserve the environment and are making a positive impact in so many other ways.

Here’s why we decided to add the boycott Trump feature:

First, some of DoneGood’s users suggested it. We then sent out a survey to our current users and the response was overwhelming—93% told us they wanted the feature, 3% said they didn’t. It makes sense. Being able to redirect your purchasing power to support companies that share your values is why people use DoneGood.

The DoneGood extension already shows you brands similar to the one you’re looking at when you shop online, but that are on a mission to make the world better. It works automatically whenever you search on Google or Amazon or go to a big-name company’s website.

The extension will keep doing that, but now businesses owned by Trump, or companies supporting Trump—including businesses carrying his products or where the CEO has endorsed Trump—will be flagged so people trying to avoid Trump-related companies can do so more easily (the Trump Alert will tell you why the company is being flagged as well).

We’re also adding the new feature because President Trump’s agenda lies in direct opposition to the core ideals DoneGood stands for. He’s voiced opposition to raising the minimum wage, let alone supporting a living wage. He wants to reverse efforts to confront climate change. Despite his America-first rhetoric, products bearing the Trump name are made by low-wage workers in overseas factories. So Trump’s products are the kinds of products DoneGood helps people find alternatives to already.

We hope we can help the boycott Trump movement go beyond simply opposing the president and make a far greater impact. Many are saying, “O.K., I’m boycotting Macy’s—I’ll shop at Kohl’s instead.” But redirecting our money from a Trump-related company to a non-Trump business that still sells products made in overseas sweatshops or with methods that poison the environment doesn’t really help create the world those of us boycotting Trump really want to achieve, right? So let’s divert our dollars to brands we can really feel good about supporting.

It’s up to all of us to act in accordance with our beliefs. We started DoneGood to help people do that by making it really easy to find companies they can believe in. Helping people who want to avoid Trump products is a natural extension of that mission.

In short: making it simple to feel good about where your money is going is DoneGood’s thing. This is one more way for us to do our thing.

See how the Trump Alert works.

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