Meet Amanda and Jonas, the Co.uple behind Tuckerman & Co.

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Amanda worked in consulting for years. She had to wear a suit each day and was frustrated there weren’t well-made sustainable options.

She met her husband Jonas while they were both in school and talked about how they wanted to one day dedicate themselves to starting a business with purpose. Today, Tuckerman & Co. makes the world’s best dress shirt: handmade by highly-skilled 3rd and 4th generation New England craftspeople, with fabric from the world’s best mills. It’s also the best for the world: each shirt helps support living wage jobs with benefits and is made from organic materials with sustainable production practices. And it may just be made by two of the world’s best people (anyway, they’re really cool).

Watch their story as Cullen visits the historic factory where the brand is stitched, in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Visit Tuckerman’s website and take $20 off with the DoneGood Chrome extension and app.

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