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The idea for DoneGood Together came from you. You told us you love the discounts our partner brands offer, and the impact your purchases are having on people’s lives. The best way to get you even bigger discounts and make an even greater impact is if we do it, well… together!

DoneGood Together allows people to get a great deal and make a great impact by making a bulk purchase together.

Gaby Ballet Flat Available on DoneGood Together

Gaby Ballet Flat in Mustard

Our inaugural DoneGood Together deal comes from our friends at The Root Collective. Their Gaby Ballet Flats are handmade by skilled artisans in Guatemala, so they’re incredibly unique and high-quality. And if together we can reach the goal of 16 pairs sold, we’ll fuel 100 hours of good-paying work for people overcoming poverty and building a better future for their families and communities.

How it Works:

  • If at least 16 pairs are sold, everyone who ordered gets 40% off plus free shipping.
  • If we don’t reach our goal, the order is not placed and you will not be charged.
  • We have until Friday at noon Eastern Time to hit our goal, so it helps to spread the word and invite others to join!

While you’re getting a deal, the craftspeople making the shoes are earning the same good pay they do for making a full-price pair. To keep the price for you as low as possible, DoneGood isn’t taking any fee for any of the shoes sold. We just thought this could be a cool way to get you a great discount and help more people learn about the amazing work Bethany (The Root Collective’s founder, pictured above) and her team are doing. Sharing the deal on social media helps accomplish that. And it helps more people learn about DoneGood, which we appreciate too!

OK, the clock is ticking! Check out Bethany and her team’s work for yourself.




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