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Americans spent $1 trillion last year during the holidays.

Shifting even a fraction of that spending to companies making the world better can make the most wonderful time of the year the most impactful.

To help get the word out about the benefits of using our holiday purchasing power to support mission-driven brands, we created a day!

The Big Boxes have Black “Try Not to Get Trampled” Friday, and online goliaths have Cyber “a.k.a. Amazon” Monday, but what about brands that give reason to the season? That’s why we partnered with 50 of our favorite ethical brands and organizations to make the Sunday after Thanksgiving (November 26th) the day when everyone joins together to get better, more meaningful gifts, and create positive change at the same time! And many of our partner brands are offering special Shop for Good Sunday promotions too!

We hope you’ll join us by checking out Shop for Good Sunday and by sharing #ShopforGood Sunday on social media.

Imagine a world when the holidays are no longer dominated by big companies running big marketing campaigns to make big profit, but rather good brands making a real difference in people’s lives. Sounds crazy? Well we’re crazy then. And we’re hoping you may just be crazy enough to join us.

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