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Together, we hit a big milestone this month.

The DoneGood community has now diverted more than a quarter-million dollars away from business as usual and to brands on a mission to make the world better!

Why is that such a big deal? Because you’re proving that a new kind of economy is not only possible, it’s happening.

We started DoneGood because we believe the world’s most powerful tool for change is the dollars we spend. A quarter-million dollars is huge for the brands we work with. Many of them are small- and medium-sized. They’re working their tails off, day-in and day-out to make really great products, and fulfilling a mission to end poverty, fight climate change, and otherwise make the world better. Starting a business is hard, and even harder for brands with a social mission. The reality is some of them won’t make it. But more and more of them are. And the big guys are taking notice.

In 2011, only 20% of S&P 500 companies issued a Corporate Social Responsibility report outlining their impact—now over 80% do. Major investors like BlackRock are telling their companies to get onboard or seek funding elsewhere. They’re all moving way too slowly, but they’re moving. Why? Because the people are woke. 

The DoneGood community and this milestone we hit together is more evidence of the economic rebellion at work. When you support DoneGood-approved brands you’re opting out of a system that grows bottom-lines through worker exploitation and environmental degradation. You’re not waiting for Wall Street to catch up, you’re choosing brands that are already light years ahead.

Change comes slow, except when it comes fast, and it only comes fast when we demand it. The days of the thoughtless Big Box Corp are numbered, and ya’ll are proving that it’s long overdue.

Thank you so much for everything. It’s not hyperbole to say that every time you support a DoneGood partner brand, you’re accelerating the march toward a new, more just economy. We don’t think there’s anything more exciting than that.

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