5 Incredible, Fair Trade Women-Owned Brands Empowering Other Women

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As the Head of Good Partnerships at DoneGood, I get to spend a lot of my time working with women entrepreneurs who took risks to start a business they believe in. They’re totally badass and brilliant and the absolute favorite part of my job is talking to these inspiring world-changing women empowering other women to make the world brighter and kinder on their own terms. These women give me a whole lot of hope, and make me feel extremely lucky to get to do what I do. Here’s 5 women-owned brands empowering women around the world with fair trade wages and leadership positions, and offering exclusive deals this International Women’s Day and throughout March!

Victoria Road

What They Make | Clothing for Women and Girls
Price Range | $$-$$$
Discount | 20% off first order with discount code vrdonegood
Flash Sale | 40% off sitewide (excludes discounted items), March 8-11

When Victoria Road co-founder Shannon first traveled to Pakistan, she fell in love with the country’s people, culture, and fashion. She and co-founder Megan partnered with an entrepreneur in Lahore to restore a family-owned factory into a workshop. Shannon and Megan are all about women being in charge so they chose Farina, a 24-year-old Pakistani woman, as Head Designer and to lead all aspects of production. Easier said than done in Pakistan which ranks last globally with women in management positions at only 3 percent. Farina needed her mother and brothers to sign-off on her both working and working with men. But now she’s doing it and she’s thriving! Her male colleagues respect and admire her, her family and community are inspired by her, and her designs speak for themselves!



Spring / Summer PRESALE

Ten Thousand Villages

What They Make | Handmade gifts, Baskets, Jewelry, Crafts and Home Goods
Price Range | $$
Discount | $20 off purchases $100+ with discount code DONEGOODTTV
Flash Sale | 40% off + free shipping on select items, March 12-14

It all began with one woman selling textiles from the trunk of her car. In 1946, when Edna Ruth Byler traveled with her husband to Puerto Rico, she met women who were struggling to feed their children. She brought back embroidery the women of La Plata created, and was soon criss-crossing the country selling wares from the trunk of her Chevy. “I’m just a woman trying to help other women,” she’d explain. From these humble beginnings Ten Thousand Villages blossomed into a global fair trade movement!


Home Decor


Prosperity Candle

What They Make | Candles
Price Range | $
Discount | 15% off first order with discount code DONEGOOD15
Flash Sale | 40% off select items, March 15-18

Prosperity Candle is a light for women refugees resettling in the United States. The women, who have spent an average of 10 years in refugee camps before resettling, are paid living wages as they make each candle with care, hand-poured in a well-designed container that is easily refilled or repurposed. Soy blend wax and amazing scents with essential oils. I get these as a gift for people all the time.


Gift Sets

Under $30

Passion Lilie

What They Make | Women’s and Men’s Clothes
Price Range | $$
Discount | 20% off first order with discount code DONEGOODVIP
Flash Sale | 40% off select items, March 22-25

Passion Lilie’s collection is handmade by women in India, with hand-block printing and handwoven fabrics that give their products a unique look and feel. The makers are all paid a living wage and take so much pride in their work. Founder Katie designs all the apparel herself in New Orleans–with a flair for vintage and retro–and loves visiting the artisan groups in India who bring her designs to life!

Fair Trade Dresses


Fair Trade Tops



Purse & Clutch

What They Make | Bags, Wallets, Clutches, and Accessories
Price Range | $$-$$$
Flash Sale | 35% + Free Shipping off select items, March 29-31

If you have a handbag from Purse & Clutch you’ll be asked where you got it. You can let them know it’s handwoven by women artisans in Guatemala and Ethiopia earning a fair wage. Jen, the founder, also mentors young female entrepreneurs from in Austin, Texas, several of which have gone on to start their own social enterprises. Good begetting more good–I love it.

Purses & Totes

Clutches & Wallets

Accessories & Home Décor

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