The Easiest Way to Purchase for the Planet

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Climate change is an imminent threat to our planet, our food systems are increasingly stressed, and our land, water, and species have become endangered like never before. Organizations focused on protecting our environment and wildlife receive only 3% of total U.S. giving or around $11 billion each year. This is only a fraction of what is needed.

Meanwhile, American consumers spend upwards of 130 trillion dollars each year on a wide variety of goods and services. That’s over $350 billion each day.

If even a fraction of these purchases were redirected to companies that support eco-friendly business practices and efforts to create a healthier planet, the impact would be exponential.

That’s why, heading into Earth Day, we’re partnering with 1% for the Planet to launch Purchase for the Planet, an online store where all purchases support eco-friendly brands while also funding efforts to protect our water, air, land, climate, food, and wildlife!

1% for the Planet is a global network of businesses working together for a healthy planet by committing 1% of sales each year to supporting environmental nonprofit partners. To date, more than $175 million have been given back to the environment.

Every product and special offer that you’ll find in this cool little shop come from brands that are both members of 1% for the Planet and have been DoneGood-approved for highly ethical and sustainable business practices.

Saving the planet—its oceans, species, and lands—starts with us. There’s really no better way to do that on a daily basis than by using your purchasing power to support eco-friendly brands.

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